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Roland Jupiter-6 61-Key Synthesizer w/ Europa Mod & Dust Cover #49870

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WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - This Synth is in great working condition overall. All buttons, keys, sliders, and sounds function effectively. However, it is worth noting that the hi-pass filter button may require a couple of presses to activate. Similarly, the master volume control may exhibit some scratchiness while turning, but this can be resolved through repeated usage and exercise. Since the unit has been unused for several years, these minor issues are likely the result of dust accumulation and simply need some cleaning or exercise to improve. Aside from these minor concerns, all other keys are responsive, and all controls and parameters work flawlessly, indicating a very good working condition.

 Excellent - This Jupiter-6 synth exhibits a few minor scuffs, primarily located on the side panels. But otherwise is extremely clean upon close inspection. Notably, this particular unit is equipped with the Europa Mod, which includes an intriguing feature of magnets that can be laid over the top panel. This colorful addition enhances its visual appeal, making it a rare and captivating sight. In terms of physical condition, the synth is very nicely intact and is in excellent shape.


BRAND: Roland 

MODEL: Jupiter-6 

FUNCTION: Synthesizer 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Roland Jupiter-6 61-Key Synthesizer w/ Europa Mod & Dust Cover 


  • Serial #322245
  • Mods: Europa Mod


  • Dust Cover 
  • 1/4" Input Dust Caps 
  • 2-Prong Power Cable 
  • Note that the stand in the photos is a prop only and not included. 


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 42.25" x 4.75" x 17.5"

Working condition written by Chat GPT, in the style of Shakespeare:

Hark! This Synth, in truth, doth bear great working condition. Buttons, keys, sliders, and sounds doth function most effectively. Yet, taketh note, the hi-pass filter button doth require a couple of presses to be stirred. Likewise, the master volume control may yield scratchiness whilst turned, but fret not, for through repeated usage and exercise, this matter may be resolved. This unit, dormant for many a year, doth suffer such trifles, perchance due to dust's unwelcome accumulation. Thus, cleaning or exercise may restore its former glory. Apart from these minor concerns, all other keys are responsive, and all controls and parameters doth perform without fault, signifying a condition most excellent.

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