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Linn Electronics LM-1 Drum Computer Machine w/ MIDI Electrongate MCC-3 #53624

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Operating very nicely! Every button and slider maintains its functionality as original, but with any lack of use, the sliders tend to get a little sticky. With some exercise, they ease up smoothly. The LEDs and displays illuminate crisply, providing clear readouts. Prepare to be entranced by the awe-inspiring sounds emanating from this drum machine; its iconic kick and snare are instantly recognizable from a multitude of chart-topping tracks. Its working condition remains pristine.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - This legendary drum machine is in great condition, displaying minimal signs of wear. While minor abrasions are evident, primarily on the top and side panels, they do little to detract from its overall allure. Some scratches have been discreetly touched up with a black Sharpie by owners past. Moreover, the power cable plug has been upgraded to a more robust, professional-grade housing, enhancing its durability. Meticulously maintained under the care of professional use, it retains its cleanliness and structural integrity impeccably. Overall, its physical condition is as good as it gets for these relics!


BRAND: Linn Electronics 


FUNCTION: Drum Machine 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Linn Electronics LM-1 Drum Computer Machine. This is the one to get if you've been waiting! For this listing, this machine was just serviced and gone through by the undisputed king of Linn drum machines, Bruce Forat. Also featuring his 1-8 Trigger Output mod. 


  • Serial #00061
  • Modded with 4 Dual Trigger Outputs by Bruce Forat


  • Electrogate MCC-3 MIDI Clock Converter (Clock out from this device into the "Ext Clock Input" of the Linn and Run/Stop out to the "Remote Play/Stop" of the Linn. 
  • Photocopy of Linn Drum LM-1 Manual 
  • MCC-3 User's Manual & Power Supply 
  • 4x Stereo 1/4 TS - 1/4" TRS Cables (For use with the 4 Stereo Trigger Outs)
  • 2x 1/4" TS Cables for use with the MIDI Clock converter. 


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 22.25" x 6.75" x 21.5"

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