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1970 Neve Custom 80 Series 32-Ch Studio Recording Console 1073 RCA #49488

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1970 Neve Custom 80 Series 32-Ch Studio Recording Console.  

The mere mention of the Neve 80 series consoles is enough to peak the ear of any music gear aficionado. And when you add in the fact that this console is loaded with the rock star of preamps - the increasingly rare model 1073, which debuted the golden era of Neve - you know you're in the presence of greatness.

But it's not just the name and reputation that sets this console apart, this particular juggernaut has played a significant role in shaping the history of music over the last 50 years. Custom ordered from Rupert Neve by Wally Heider for RCA Hollywood, this console has seen it all. It has recorded some of the most iconic acts in music history, including the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Creedence, John Denver, and even the King of Rock himself, Elvis!

Later, under the skillful guidance of Dennis Herring, this console continued to add to history by recording albums for the Counting Crows, Modest Mouse, Ben Folds Five, Buddy Guy, and the other Elvis, Elvis Costello, all of whom had their sound elevated by this legendary console.

The 80 series Neve----probably one of the most desired recording consoles ever in its own right, but this battleship-sized desk adds to the lore with a rich history and a reputation for producing unparalleled sound, it truly is a marvel of engineering never to be seen again and with a jaw-dropping discography that has many more stories to tell.

Dennis dubbed this console "The Neve in Black" after his affection for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt who had many nicknames, including "The Man in Black". Dale had a number 3 race car and as a tribute to Dale, the console was adorned with the number 3 sticker you see in the photos.

"We got to callin' the sweet tea Neve the 'Neve In Black' after famed recording engineer Rich Hasal, knowing I was a life-long fan of 7-time NASCAR champion driver Dale Earnhardt, gifted me an Earnhardt number 3 sticker for the console the week it showed up. And it stuck, on account of both Rich and I believing that to be a champion you have to attempt great things and that that console had em in it's DNA- it was BUILT to HARBOR great things. :)" -Dennis Herring


  • Make: Neve 8038/80-Series
  • Year: 1970
  • Inputs: 32 with all original vintage 1073 Mic/EQ Modules (13 of these channels are vintage original 1073M*)
  • 24 Output group/Busses: 24
  • 8 Echo Groups
  • 4 Cue Outputs
  • Equaliser Units: 8 2074's, (line 1073's), seated in the very right side bucket of the console. 
  • Custom Order: For RCA Hollywood (1 of 2)
  • TRS Longframe Patchbay: Neve designed with console
  • Over 80 modules of 1272 & 1271 Modules as Echo Returns, Line Amplifiers etc
  • Width: 176 inches /447mm/ 14.6 Feet! (The separate producer's desk adds another 40 inches, making it over 18')
  • Depth: 49 Inches/ 124mm

13 of the 32 vintage 1073 Channels are especially rare as they have an additional custom-ordered feature on the high band with dual-concentric knobs that allow for stepped selection for "Off, 16, 12, and 10" kHz bands, along with a Hi-Q on/off button below it. Very Cool!  

CONDITION: Overall the condition of the console considering its age is excellent. It shows only light usual wear on the modules and surface areas with only the padded bolster being heavily worn mostly in the center section and cleanly patched up by black gaffers tape. Remarkably all the metal and wood skirting is intact giving it a very clean and sharp look to this already expansive vessel. There are several screws missing from the various metal skirt pieces but they all have enough to stay mounted and flush to the console frame. 

It appears that over time numerous meters were replaced with only a few originals left in the meter bridge. There are a handful of switches, caps, and knobs that are either cracked or chipped or askew in some way but still operational. There are several missing or cracked plastic slide rails for the various modules but all the modules still slide in easily and securely with a satisfying "click" when installed. 

The console was carefully decommissioned in mid-2020 here in Los Angeles and has been in storage since then, only to be reassembled recently for this listing at the Techno Empire warehouse. While under Dennis's ownership, the console was maintained by Brent Averill, Frank Lacy, and Charlie Bolois. As the gear industry cliche goes, "This console was working great the last time it was being used."

With that said, we have not powered it on, conducted any testing, or performed any electrical or audio evaluation since it arrived here. All the parts, modules, and circuitry are intact, and all cabling, power sections, and routing remain unchanged since it was last used in a full session just a few years ago. The new owner of this Neve should anticipate having their technician or engineer go through the various components to exercise, clean, lubricate, re-seat, re-bulb, and provide some general TLC upon commissioning to work out the usual bugs and get the console session-ready once again.

At this time there are no known major issues or concerns to address with the console and anyone is welcome to come to our location to inspect it in detail. 

We also have many more detailed photos of the console and accessories available on request, just message us and we'll send you a link to a folder!


  • Original Neve Power supplies in rack case
  • Original Neve TRS Longframe Patchbay (Attaches to the right side of the console at a 90-degree angle)
  • 100's of braided TRS Longframe Patch cables of various lengths
  • Bags of spare buttons and switches and bulbs
  • 2nd Rack with TT Patch bays
  • 40 inch Wide Producers desk which bolts to the left side of the console
  • Many Bundles of Mogami and Gepco ELCO to XLR TRS Snake cabling 
  • A bin or two of various cabling, custom I/O Boxes and routing gadgets
  • 6 Nicely made and sturdy speaker monitor shelving mounts that sit securely on the meter bridge.
  • 3 Original welded frame stands (Left, Middle section, and right)
  • Custom Frank Lacy/JRL Audio 3 Channel Monitor Switcher Box which is controllable by 3 buttons on the left side of the console.  

SHIPPING:  We can ship this console anywhere in the World. The price reflected in this listing's shipping area is an estimate that includes the console preparation, packing, crating, and shipping within the contiguous 48 US States. Prices may differ +/- for different countries or locations. Please email us with your address and we'll get back to you with an estimate.

VIEWING: The console is available for viewing, as seen in the photos, at our North Hollywood warehouse anytime during our business hours Monday-Saturday!  At this time the console is not wired up so we cannot do any audio demonstrations. We can however audition individual 1073 modules if one so desires. 

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