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Two-Rock Emerald 50 Tube Guitar Amp Head Bill Krinard Built & Signed #48225

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent -  All features are working perfectly. Another inspiring tonal masterpiece from the talented hands of Brill Krinard. It is everything you would hope in a Dumble-style amp, from the sky-filling cleans to glorious break-up and leads. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - There are some minor signs of use around the chassis of the amp, but otherwise very clean upon close inspection. Photos say it all! Note that some of the mini switches on the front have physical labels instead of screen printing, and one area has been black-markered. This is how it came from Bill and presumably the earliest prototype version of this amp. 


BRAND: Two-Rock 

MODEL: Emerald 50 

FUNCTION: Guitar Amplifier Head

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Two-Rock Emerald 50 50W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head w/ Footswitch Pedal. Hand-built and signed by Bill Krinard on a K&M chassis.

Features some old stock Fender transformer components and 8 Point 6SL7 Octal Tube on the front end. 


  • Serial #210
  • Finish/Color: Black
  • Weight: 34.45 lbs 
  • Watts: 100
  • Ohms: 2, 4, 8
  • Tube Config: 2x RCA 6L6GC, 3x 12AX7WA, 1x 5751, 1x Phillips 6SL7WGT
  • Effects: Reverb, Lead, Presence, Bright, Jazz, Rock, Bass, Mid, Treble


  • Two-Rock Footswitch Pedal


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 24.25" x 14" x 10.75 "

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