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IJ Research LL-7101 Benzonizer 16x2 Custom Discrete Class A Summing Mixer #54332

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - This is in excellent working condition. Fantastic piece designed and built by IJ Research as a custom order. Each mono input is transformer-balanced with a Lundahl 7101, as is the 2-bus out. The input pan switches are three-way LCR, and the makeup gain pots at the stereo bus are stepped for a perfect recall every time. Built like a tank. This is a fantastic and powerful piece, and it's in excellent working condition.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - This is in very good physical condition. There are a few slight scratches around the PSU and the unit itself, though nothing major. Overall everything is in very good physical condition.


BRAND: IJ Research

MODEL: LL-7101 Benzonizer

FUNCTION: Summing Mixer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a one-of-one IJ Research LL-7101 custom, discrete class A 16-channel summing mixer.

"At the heart of this unit are 16 Lundal transformers and 16 discrete custom Opamps handling the inputs, each meticulously crafted for superior performance. At the output stage, the unit features 2 discrete Opamps for summing and 2 meticulously replicated Neve transformers, by Ed Anderson.

The output design mirrors the revered Neve BA283 circuitry, while the input stage bears resemblance to the API 2520 design. Each channel includes blue jumpers visible in the picture, which act as switches altering transformer taps or windings. This unique feature allows for dynamic adjustments in color and saturation, transforming the sound from pristine clarity to a rich, 'Neve'-style warmth.

Overall, this unit delivers the expansive sound of a large console without the associated noise and signal degradation over long distances."


  • Serial # N/A


  • External PSU
  • 3-pin power cable
  • IEC cable

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