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3 Bittree B96DC-HNIBS/E3 96-Point TT Patchbays w/Snake Cables & Stage Box #53413

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - These are in excellent working condition.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - These are in excellent physical condition. There are some small scratches around the chassis of each, but all pins are perfectly intact and overall the bays are very clean. They're in excellent physical condition.


BRAND: Bittree


FUNCTION: Bantam (TT) Patchbays

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a set of three Bittree B96DC-HNIBS/E3 half normalled, internally programmable, (bussed) ground TT patch bays with a huge compliment of E3 snake cabling with a variety of XLR, DB25 and TRS connectors! 

Massive score here!  


  • Serial #83136-1, -2, -3


  • 3' TTL Tascam AES/EBU DB25

Cable lengths vary, all Mogami or Gepco:

  • 16-Channel custom stage box XLR F to E3
  • 4x DB25 to E3 snakes
  • 3x DB25 to E3 snakes
  • 16-Channel XLR F to E3 snake
  • 16-Channel XLR M to E3 snake
  • 24-Channel DB25 to E3 snake
  • 4-Channel TRS to E3 snake
  • 4-Channel XLR F to E3 snake
  • 4-Channel TS to E3 snake
  • 6-Channel mixed I/O to E3 snake
  • 8x XLR M to E3 cables
  • 3x XLR F to E3 cable
  • A large assortment of TT Patch Cables


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 22" x 16.5" x 15.5"

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