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2 Telefunken Neumann U47 Tube Condenser Microphones Dennis Herring #49191

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WORKING CONDITION: Very Good- Both mics were evaluated for this listing by Charlie Bolois of Vertigo Recording Services. It was determined that both mics are 100% original save for one mic having a capacitor changed on it. The other mic you will notice that the original factory wax seal on the screws is unbroken so the mic has never been taken apart all these years. You will notice that the micro-thin membranes on the capsules have "Spidering" on them. This is an age-related issue that every M7 capsule undergoes over time and is corrected by either replacing the capsule or having it re-skinned by a highly skilled mic technician.

In this case, the mic was used for many years as they are by Dennis on numerous high-profile artists on many successful albums. While the performance and tone of the mics are outstanding, the spidering on the membrane creates a low volume high-frequency hiss that to our ears is very tolerable. 

For any interested buyers, we'll be glad to create some audio samples upon request. 

 Excellent - Incredible condition. The photos say it all. 


BRAND: Telefunken 


FUNCTION: Condenser Microphones 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for 2 vintage Telefunken U47 Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphones owned by Dennis Herring. 

Dennis was fortunate enough to acquire this pair of microphones that were not only rare and valuable but also possessed a charming history. These microphones were purchased brand new in the 1950s by the original owner, who was a recording hobbyist. Only being used occasionally, they were kept hidden away "under the bed" for decades, preserved in their pristine condition.

Eventually, the original owner gifted the microphones to his son, who had no idea his father had them! He used them professionally for several years before deciding to sell them to his friend Dennis Herring.

A rare family heirloom is now available for someone to own and maintain this legacy!


  • Serial #3985 #3740


  • Original Neumann Microphone Cases 
  • Original Neumann NG Power Supplies 
  • Original Mic / Power Supply Harness Cables 
  • Original XLR Cables 
  • Original Power Cords



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