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1966 Ludwig 4-Piece Sky Blue Pearl Drum Set Owned By David Roback #44765

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BRAND: Ludwig 

MODEL: Sky Blue Pearl 

FUNCTION: 4-Piece Drum Set 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1966 Ludwig 4-Piece Sky Blue Pearl Drum Set Owned By David Roback. Note that the 13x9 Rack tom has a serial number that indicates it is 1964.


  • Series: Mid 60s
  • Wood Type: Maple
  • Finish/Color: Sky Blue Pearl
  • Kick: 22" x 14" (Serial 384463, 1966) / 26.5" x 20.5" x  26" - 32lb
  • Rack Tom: 12" x 8" (387568 1966) / 15.25" x 12.5" x 15" - 9.40lb
  • Rack Tom 2: 13 x 9" (81714 1964) / 16" x 13.25" x 16" - 11.50lb
  • Floor Tom: 16" x 16" (387161 1966) / 19.75" x 18.25" x 19.5" - 18.10lb
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Other: Dampening System


  • Cases for each drum
  • Extra Heads for each drum
  • Hardware + Sticks w/ Stick bag & Rhythm Tech Tambourine
  • Original Speed King Twin Spring Pedal

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - Considering that this is a vintage set there are some signs of wear. There are a few barely visible scuffs around some of the drums. The finish is also discolored lighter or darker on a couple of the drums. The kick drum is missing the feet and one of the spurs does not lockdown. Otherwise, everything is intact, looking nice, and still very well built. The overall physical condition is good.  

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - Works nicely. The drums sound great! All the hardware is easy to adjust, however, the bass drum feet are missing. The dampening system is working just fine and really changes the tone of the drums. In general, the working condition is excellent. 

Box 1: 41.65 lbs.   

Box 2: 29.30 lbs.
Box 3: 14.35 lbs.

Box 1: 26.25" x 32.5" x 26.25" 

Box 2: 19.5" x 31.75" x 19.5"

Box 3: 21.25" x 7.25" x 13.5"

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