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Yamaha PM-1000 16-Channel Console Mixer w/ Neve 1073 Mods & Hard Case #38068

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BRAND: Yamaha 

MODEL: PM-1000 

FUNCTION: 16-Channel Console Mixer w/ Neve Mods

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Yamaha PM-1000 16-Channel Console Mixer w/ "Neve" Mods. This console is a beauty to behold inside and out! 


  • Serial #2809
  • Channels 1-8 have the following 'Neve' modifications done to the EQ:
    -4k mid: is now (4.8) (1073)
    -2kmid: (1.6k) (1073)
    -1kmid : (700) (1073)
    -Lpf 40hz -(45hz) (1084)
    -Lpf 80hz - (80hz) (1084)
  • Rear-Panel DB25 Connectors = Direct Outs of Channels 1-8 (Neve-modded channels)

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes nice road case. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - In great condition. There are some minor scuffs and dings around the device, but nothing unusual. Otherwise, everything is intact and solid, looking really nice, and ready for more use. The overall physical condition is very good.

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - All channels and all controls are in fine working order. All push-button switches and faders are in fine working order as well. Overall working condition is very good.



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