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EMS Synthi VCS3 The Putney Synthesizer w/ DK1 Keyboard #34323

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MODEL: Synthi VCS3 " The Putney"

FUNCTION: Analog Synthesizer 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for an EMS Synthi VCS3 Synthesizer with DK1 Keyboard. 

This synthesizer is currently owned by composer Josh Ralph, who acquired it from the original owner, fellow composer Bob Dorough. 

For those who are collectors, curators or artists who hold out for vintage gear that is "time-capsule" clean, this synth is of a condition that you will find none higher. 

This item comes as seen in photos, and includes only the following accessories:

  • External Synthi DK1 keyboard
  • Dust Cover
  • 8 Pin Keyboard Cable
  • 3 Prong Power Cord
  • 27 Pins
    • 19 Red
    • 4 White
    • 2 Yellow
    • 2 Green


  • Manual Copy (Does not appear to be original)

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Near Mint - This historical item is in museum quality condition. The fact that it has survived in mint condition all these years is a testament to the two owners who have owned it. The wood has a vibrant finish and is without flaw. The paint and surface areas are clean and appear like-new upon examination. All knobs and pins are intact and in pristine condition. The knobs on the pots are very shiny and reflective, and the patch pins are vibrant in color.  

Very Good - The original dust cover has a few light discoloration on it and one tiny hole on one of its top corners. 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Fully functional in every parameter.  All knobs turn smoothly with no artifacts. The built-in speakers and amp work without a hitch. The joystick is a "joy" to play around with. Moving it around opens up new sonic worlds. All oscilators work as they should.  We currently have a short demo video on youtube showing off some of the sound-effect type emanations one can get by just blindly patching and turning knobs. 

This instrument is truly a spectacular invention. It is capable of creating new textures and sounds from moment to moment. It feels as though it merges with your mind and soul to create new soundscapes unique to your touch. This unique synthesizer is overall in excellent working condition. Collectors, don't sleep on it! 

  • Keyboard & Cables: 11 lbs
  • Synthi: 20 lbs


  • Keyboard & Cables: 30" x 10" x 5"
  • Synthi: 17" x 17" x 18"
SHIPPING: This item ships in multiple boxes. The price in this listing is only an estimate and may be more or less than the actual cost depending on your location. Please email us with your postal code and we will get an exact quote for you. We will assume the extra expense of proper packing materials and double-boxing for the two primary components. Items will be insured for their full value. 

RETURNS AND PAYMENT: Being that this item is in pristine condition, we are not accepting returns. This is being required since these items are in "mint" condition and returns due to "buyers remorse" or negligence could lessen the value of item with the liability of added handling and shipping by buyer.

We will guarantee the working condition of this item and will compensate for any needed repairs if it malfunctions within 30 days of receipt. But under no condition are we accepting returns.  With this, we are requiring BANK WIRE of funds for this item only.

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