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Tube Works RT-3300 300w 2x10" Bass Combo Amplifier Owned by Leland Sklar #38795

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BRAND: Tube Works

MODEL: RT-3300

FUNCTION: 300w Tube/Mosfet Bass Combo Amplifier

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Tube Works RT-3300 300w 2x10" Bass Combo Amplifier Owned by Lee Sklar


  • Serial #038338
  • Date Code is faded and cannot be read
  • Finish/Color: Grey Carpet
  • Watts: 300w @ 2 Ohms
  • Amp Output Impedance:  Minimum Total Load 
  • Tube Config: 1 x 12AX7 for Tube Preamp Only
  • Speakers: 2 x 10" Woofers, 1 x Tweeter - Both are Custom for Tube Works by Eminence  
  • Effects: Dynamic Limiter 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.


  • 1 x Wooden Dolly w/ 4 wheels attached to the bottom of the amp by 2 latches (one latch installed on each Left and Right side). 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The cabinet has missing paint and oxidation on the metal corners. The carpet covering has become fuzzier than usual from snags and contact with other gear. There are a couple of small splatters and drips of what looks like white paint near the left speaker. Overall, the unit is structurally sound, sturdy, and in very good physical condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - Most of the pots for the front panel are dirty and are in need of cleaning with contact cleaner and exercising back and forth through their range. This amp has been in storage and not used for a very long time!  The Master Volume pot is the dirtiest, causing scratchy noises when it is turned. Other than that, once the knobs are set and the amp is just being played, it is fully functional without any additional issues. Overall, the amp is in very good working condition. 


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 31.5" x 16" x 21.5"   

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