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TC Electronic 2240 Parametric Equalizer Preamplifier EQ Wendy & Lisa #39397

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MODEL: 2240

FUNCTION: Parametric Equalizer Preamplifier

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a TC Electronic 2240 Parametric Equalizer Preamplifier.

This item comes from the personal recording and touring arsenal of composer duo Wendy and Lisa (also known as Girl Brothers) and Prince's band, The Revolution.

Techno Empire is selling a number of cherished pieces from their collection directly on their behalf.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes an IEC Power Cable. Otherwise, it comes exactly as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The unit looks fairly clean and well taken care of. There are very light scratches along all edges as well as on the top and bottom surfaces from the unit being placed in and out of a rack. Otherwise, the unit is structurally sturdy, straight, and solid. Overall, it is in very good physical condition.   

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - The unit works and sounds great! The parametric sweep on each band can access a wide range of frequencies. Combine that with anywhere from a super-narrow or super-wide bandwidth setting and plenty of cut/gain available, each band on this unit can be dialed in to perform the exact task that's needed. Everything from a slight boost over a wide range to a surgical notch to cut out a problem frequency, this unit can get it done. All knobs, Ins/Outs, and switches are fully functional. It is in excellent working condition overall. 

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