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Studer A800 2" 24 Track Tape Machine Recorder w/ 16 Track Heads Rumbo #35942

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BRAND: Studer


FUNCTION: tape machine

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Studer A800 2" 24 Track Tape Machine outfitted with a 16 track Head Stack. There is a "Property Of Rumbo Recorders #1124" sticker on the back of the machine. We are selling the machine on behalf of artist John Frusciante. 


  • serial #: 20036
  • counter: 11846.6h
  • 1 - 16-track head stack 
  • 24 - VU meters
  • The machine is capable of 24 track recording with a 24-track head and repairs, not included.

    • A800: 690 lbs.
    • Remote: 71 lbs.
    • power supply: 20 lbs
    • cables: 20 lbs


    • A800: 34.25" x 61.25" x 31.5"
    • Remote: 19" x 33" x 19"
    • power supply: 15.5" x 4.5" x 7"
    • cables: 16" x 9" x 16"

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos and includes only the following accessories:


  • Remote Control
    • cable length: 45'
  • spare power supply module
  • 5 - machine sync & control cables

PHYSICAL CONDITION : Very Good- This vintage tape machine has some wear throughout the deck area and heavy tape residue in places but is otherwise physically very clean. This unit does not include the front panel audio card cage covers. The heads look excellent, very little visible wear! The Vu meters are clear but the "red +1,+2,+3" indicates are fading. The transport controls and connections on the rear are all in great shape, overall, it's in very good condition.

WORKING CONDITION : Non-Functional - Only channels 1-16 power up. No transport or locator display, no motor power, no channel 17-24 power. Needs serviced to be usable. Overall working condition is non-functional.

Here is the tech report after our guy tested it: 

Unit arrived with 16-tr headstack installed. All fuses checked good & re-seated all cards in both front and rear card cages before connecting power. On first power-up the channel 2 Repro card smoked - swapped it with another and channel 1-16 banks lit up and responded to switching logic controls (LEDs respond to source mode changes, etc.). There are no lights/LEDs lit on the transport or or locator displays at all.

Installed the 24-tr headstack to test the channels 17-24 bank but aside from the ch 21 Repro amp card smoking (in exactly the same way as the ch 2 card above) channels 17-24 remained dead on the meter bridge. Again, no lights or responsiveness on the deck or locator displays.
Connecting one of the remote units responds the same: channels 1-16 logic is active and responsive, but no transport display activity, and no response on channel 17-24.

The gray transport power supply metal heat sink cover on the back arrived loose and without screws.

* The heads look pristine - very little visible wear!



SHIPPING: This item is too large, too heavy, or too delicate to ship by standard shipping services and must be shipped by FREIGHT.

Please message us with your postal code and we'll get back to you with the best pricing and delivery options that we can find. If there is a price listed above for shipping, it is an estimate based on the “worst case scenario” only and the actual shipping costs are likely less, depending on service options and your location in relation to Los Angeles. The price quoted includes a custom built crate. 

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