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Roland TD-10 KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit PD-100 PD-120 KD-7 FD-7 Rack #36927

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BRAND: Roland


FUNCTION: V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Roland TD-10KV V-Drums Electronic Drum kit. The kit is designed to have one of the PD-120 pads used as a snare, with it set-up on a snare stand. The snare stand is not included with this kit, you'll need to provide your own.


  • 1 - TD-10 (drum sound module) 5lbs
    • 3 - PD-120 (V-Pad) 17lbs
    • 2 - PD-100 (V-Pad) 10lbs
    • 3 - PD-9 (dual trigger pad) 9lbs
    • 1 - PD-7 (dual trigger pad) 2lbs
    • 1 - KD-7 (kick trigger unit, kick pedal not included) 3lbs
    • 1 - FD-7 (hi-hat control pedal) 5lbs


    • 1 - Roland MDS-12V Drum Rack Stand
    • 3 - cymbal boom arms
    • 5 - pad holder brackets
    • 1 - drum module mount
    • 11 - 11' FT 1/4" TRS trigger cables 3lbs
    Please note that this listing does not include a kick pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, or drum throne.

    PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good- The rack and all the clamps are solid and hold pads securely. The mesh tops are all discolored and have little dark dots stains. The rubber pads all show signs of light use. One of the racks brackets is missing a bolt. The TD-10 module is in great shape, overall, it's in very good condition.

    WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - All drums and all cymbal pads are working perfectly, very responsive and consistent triggering. TD-10 is also working perfectly. All controls, all faders, and the display is fully intact and very bright. Hi hat pedal and kick drum trigger are also working perfectly. Overall working condition is very good.


    Box 1: 54 lbs (pads & extras)

    Box 2: 30 lbs (rack & brackets)

    UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 40" x 27" x 20"

    Box 1: 23" x 15" x 20" 

    Box 2: 40" x 12" x 15"

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