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Rey Audio Kinoshita WARP 7 Recording Studio Mains Speakers Monitors #38294

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BRAND: Kinoshita/Rey Audio


FUNCTION: Studio Mains

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a pair of Rey Audio Kinoshita WARP-7 Recording Studio Mains that were formerly at Ocean Studios in Burbank, CA. 


  • Hand-made in Japan by the world-renowned Shozo Kinoshita
  • #JW001
  • #JW002
  • Loaded with Kinoshita W310-X-V4 Kevlar Speakers
  • Retail Price $80,000

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos and includes only the following accessories:

  • Kinoshita Hi-Level X-Over WX-7A #JW001 & Kinoshita Solid Copper Monitorlink 1ds Cable 
  • Kinoshita Hi-Level X-Over WX-7A #JW002 & Kinoshita Solid Copper Monitorlink 1ds Cable 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - The incredibly designed wood cabinet housings for both speakers are of the highest structural integrity, and just SOLID! Over 525lbs each! While the face of both cabinets are very clean and gorgeous, The top and bottom of the cabinets some degree of moisture damage from a roof leak as they were displayed in the live room of the studio. One of the cabinet tops has some surface wear and discoloration as a result of the moisture.

The left speaker bottom has some surface wear consistent with the top but the right speaker bottom has damage that has a section of the plywood peeling away. (Please see photos) This first layer of plywood is as far as it goes and should make for some easy repair by any decent woodworker. None of the speakers or electronics were remotely affected by any moisture. 

Again, the overall integrity and integrity of the wood joints is not affected as these speakers are built with very thick plywood and expert craftsmanship. 

There is a considerable amount of surface dings and scratches on the wood horns. All the woofers are in very good physical appearance. The JW002 speaker connection terminal has a few of the plastic slats broken off, the other is in perfect shape. Both X-Over units are in perfect shape, and in of themselves are worthy of display as works of art.    

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - Both speakers were tested extensively on two occasions and evaluated using some Yamaha P2700 Power amps. All the speakers produce sound normally and sound great except the bottom-left woofer of JW002 "rubs" at the voice coil when pressed by hand from the dust cap, and you can audibly hear and feel a grinding noise from the voice coil. Another speaker makes some airy squeaking sound acoustically when pressed by hand but no sensation of grinding can be felt. All the other speakers are working normally and sound great! 

Some 'fine-tuning' of what amps work best to drive these speakers and some fine tuning to adjust for your particular taste and usage would make for a dramatic visual and stunning sound to any audiophile or recording studio set-up.  

UNPACKAGED WEIGHT: 1140 lbs total

(550 lbs. Each + Crossover (20lbs. for X-Over & Cable))

UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 47" x 47" x 39" each

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