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Rack Systems LTD. Custom Power Supply Effect Send & ProCo Cable Bundle #37888

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BRAND: Rack Systems LTD. 

MODEL: Custom Rackmount Power Supply, Isolated Power Supply, and Custom Rackmount Effects Loop Send Box

FUNCTION: Custom Rackmount Power and Audio Routing Boxes

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Rack Systems LTD. Custom Power Supply, Effect Send, and ProCo Cable Bundle pulled from the touring guitar rack of guitarist Greg Leisz ( Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne)


  • Power/Audio Routing Boxes:
    • 1 x Rack Systems LTD. Custom Rackmount Power Supply Unit w/ 4 x 9VAC, 2 x 9VDC, and 1 x 12VAC Power Output Jacks
    • 1 x Rack Systems LTD. Isolated Power Supply Unit w/ 8 x Isolated 9VDC Power Output Jacks
    • 1 x Rack Systems LTD. Custom Rackmount Effects Loop Send Box w/ 3 x Sends (Each Send has two 1/4" Send Jacks - One on the front panel and One on the rear panel) 
  • Power/Audio Cabling:
    • 27 x Various Length (approx. 36" - 72")  ProCo MusicMover 120SM Instrument Cables w/ 1/4" TS Connectors, Zip-tied into a Custom Cable Harness
    • 5 x Various Length (approx. 6" - 28") ProCo MusicMover 120SM Instrument Patch Cables w/ 1/4" TS Connectors
    • 9 x Various Length (approx. 3" - 48") Barrel to Barrel Power Supply Patch Cables
    • 3 x Various Length (approx. 12" - 39") Barrel to 1/8" Male

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: These items include two IEC Power Cables. Otherwise, they come as seen in photos, and do not include any additional accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - All units are clean and show very few signs of use. They have only a few light surface scratches. Overall, the items in this bundle are in excellent physical condition. 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - All Jacks are fully functional with no issues. Overall, the 3 units are in excellent working condition. 



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