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Quantum Audio Labs QM-12B Analog Recording Console w/ Manual & Cables #39157

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BRAND: Quantum Audio Labs


FUNCTION: 12x8x4 Analog Recording Console

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Quantum Audio Labs QM-12B Analog Recording Console. 


  • Serial #9003
  • Some mods have been installed: *see additional handwritten sheet in the back pages of the included Operator's Manual to find all the mod descriptions

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos and includes only the following accessories:

  • Operator's Manual (*with hand-written page of details on console modifications)
  • QM-172 Patch Bay
  • Calrad Model 45-735 Power Supply
  • Single Momentary Red Button-Switch w/ Spade Lugs


  • Vintage Ampex Small Box for Tape Recorder (just the emtpy box)
  • small bag of some spare parts and screws

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - Some light oxidation on the meter bridge and the glass cover on Buss 1 VU Meter is pushed into the housing. Some of the color caps on some of the control knobs are missing, most of them are there thought and look very nice. The overall condition is very good.

WORKING CONDITION: Good - Console is mostly working, but with the following issues: Channel 1 does not have fader control to Program Outputs. Channel 3 has no output to Program Buss. Buss 1 does not work well, signal is very quiet or not there at all. Channel 12's fader is a bit finicky and the signal is intermittent unless you hold it with a little pressure to the left. Also, for Channels 9-12 there is no Studio Output, Monitor Mix only. All other Channels and Busses are working great. I/O is working great as well. I could use some cleaning and attention after having been out of service for a while, but is still very cool and worth the effort. The overall working condition is good, certainly for a console of this age.



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