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PPG Wave 2.3 Wavetable Synthesizer Synth 2.2 #34322

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MODEL: Wave 2.3

FUNCTION: Synthesizer 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a PPG Wave 2.3 Analog Digital Wavetable Synthesizer formerly owned by composer Michael Boddicker.

This exact synth was used by Michael on Donna Summers hit song, "She Works Hard for the Money" and "Running with the night" by Lionel Richie.

Since receiving it from Michael the synth has received all the desirable and latest upgrades, including:

  • New keyboard bushings
  • New operating system (V8.3)
  • Upgraded display
  • New battery 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes a power cable. This item comes only as seen in photos and does not include any other accessories.


  • LCD Backlight Service Kit Manual
  • Universal Keyboard Upgrade Manual
  • PPG System Upgrade Manual
  • Original parts which have been swapped out due to the mods performed on this synth (Just in case you want them)

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - There are lots of scratches on the top side of the enclosure above the control panel. There are dings on the back side along the top edge and near the metal lip which sticks out on the back side with the labels for the jacks on the back side. There are two little stickers leftover from the previous owner with numbers labeling the MIDI thru and CH1 output jacks.  The metal side panels also have scratches near the top edges primarily. The keys have light marks from being played. The marks are visible on the black keys mainly. 

All push buttons, jacks, pots & knobs are present and intact. The mod wheel and pitch bend wheel feel great. The control panel, physically speaking, is the best part of this synth. The panel has retained its rich blue color and there are only a few light scratches on it. Overall, this instrument is in very good physical condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent. Perfect working order in all areas and it sounds wonderful. The PPG Wave has become an essential collectible synth for those looking to capture the amazing sounds of the '80s! 



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