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Augspurger Design Studio Monitor Mains TAD TL-1601b TH-4001 RCF 18' Subs #28554

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DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a very special pair of studio monitor mains with matching subwoofers. 

These monitors were handcrafted by the same master craftsman that produced the original Westlake Audio classics and current Ocean-Way high-end studio monitors. They were built from the original blueprints of the George Augspurger-designed monitors that were crafted for Michael Jackson's Encino property studio.

(We do have the original copy of the actual blueprints from the Jackson studio that will be included with this listing)

In addition to following the spec of the original design they were taken to the next level of performance with some very nice upgrades. 

  • Seven stage process to deaden port material w/ hypo-allergenic foam in place of standard fiberglass insulation.
  • Most all hardware is Titanium
  • No particle board or MDF used in the building of the cabinets. Only select 'true' 1" E. European plywood with 2x4 bracing and finished in real Pau Ferro Rosewood veneer  
  • All internal wiring by Kimber Kable with an additional rubberized flex insulation overlay.
  • Original fitted with TAD TD-4001 Mid Frequency drivers. Over the course of 3 years of testing, including many drivers from JBL and other manufacturers, the McCauley proved the best.

Mains OCD T-215A serial #: 001A & 002A

  • 2 - TAD TL-1601b 15" low-frequency loudspeaker 8Ω Ohm
  • 1 - McCauley 9620R-16 compression drivers 16Ω Ohm
  • TAD TH-4001 (original) wood mid-range horns
  • 21" x 33" x 42"
  • 263 lbs. each

Subwoofers OCD T-215B serial #: 001B & 002B

  • 1 - RCF L18P400 Woofer 2000 Watt PGM 8Ω Ohm
  • 22" x 34" x 42"
  • 193 lbs. each

tweeters custom stand

  • 2 - Altec 802 reissues
  • 3" x 5.5" x 24"
  • 12 lbs. each

speaker cables

  • 6 - Kimber Kable 8vs 25' each
  • 24 lbs. total

ACCESSORIES: Includes 6 long run braided Kimber Kable Speakers cables and original Blueprint copies of Michael Jacksons Encino Studio monitors. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent. The cabinets are very clean. T-215A 001A has a very small chip in the veneer on the face of the cabinet at its bottom edge. T-215A 002A has a dust cover that has a faint dimple and the mid horn has 2 small dings that have been covered with a black marker. The horns have a few small chips and nicks that noticeable upon close inspection. 

The tweeters have scuffs on the outer housing from the way they're mounted in the stands. The high-frequency input terminal gasket on T-215a 001A is a little loose, as the panel is missing two screws but does not affect operation at all. All 6 cables are in very good condition but a few of the tips need to be replaced. Overall in amazing condition! 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent. All cabinets are internally wired with very high-quality cable and components and sound phenomenal. The low-frequency cabinets are particularly robust, deep and impactful, while the mid-high cabinets give a graceful, deep soundstage. The additional tweeters finish the top octaves, bringing clarity and smooth detail to the picture. These speakers can go loud but sound excellent at any volume level. Overall in excellent condition!


ACTUAL DIMS: 59" x 77" x 42"

FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: This item is too large, too heavy, or too delicate to ship by standard shipping services and will be shipped by FREIGHT.

These speakers are already crated in two very large and heavy crates at our facility in North Hollywood. We are offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world for these! We reserve the right to opt for Sea Cargo or Air Freight to terminal delivery for international shipments. This will require that you arrange for your own local service to pick up the crates at the Airport or Sea terminal at your own expense. 

Please message us with your postal code and we'll get back to you with the delivery options we can provide. 

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