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Dumble Overdrive Special OD-50WX 50 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head & Cabinet #41602

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BRAND: Dumble

MODEL: Overdrive Special/ OD-50WX

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a vintage 1978 Dumble Overdrive Special 50 Watt Guitar Amplifier Amp Head & Cabinet. 

Legend has it.....that in the late 1970s Dumble had a deal with a German distributor known as Applied Acoustics. To save on the expense of shipping a heavy wood cabinet for the amps, Dumble would just ship the amp chassis and Applied Acoustics would build the wood cabinet in Germany to suit the chassis.  

The amp you see here is one of those rare export models. It has since been treated to a very nice suede-covered cabinet to match the exact design and quality of the head cabinets Dumble built himself here in California. Included with the listing is the original 1x12 cabinet made by Applied Acoustics and vintage EV SRO/12 Speaker. 


    • Serial #38
    • 50 Watts
    • Voltage Selectable 117V-240V
    • Tubes 2x Philips USA 7581A (6L6GC), Mullard 12AT7, GE 12 AX7, Mazda 12 AX7 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This listing includes a road case fitted perfectly for the 1x12 cabinet and a channel switch for the head. (non-original)

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - The suede looks fantastic and the chassis glows! The veneer on the original Applied Acoustics cabinet has started to separate from the body at places. Nothing major. Still very good looking and solid. The speaker grille looks almost as good as it did when it was new. The original Dumble badge was relocated from the 1x12 cabinet and is on the left side of the head. The screen-printed "E" in the Dumble logo has worn off. All other lettering is clean. The head is super solid. Overall this unit is in excellent physical condition! 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Spectacular tone, nothing short of stellar in all aspects. It's response, its bite, its body----all superb. Daring even to say this amp lives up to the hype, it's that good of an amp. Overall working condition is excellent.

The amp is available to demo or pickup by appointment at our North Hollywood location. 

Amp: 39.2 lbs.
Cabinet plus road case: 76 lbs.

Amp 21" x 11" x 11" ,
Cabinet 37.5" x 25" x 13.5"

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