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Countryman Electrostatic Piano Pickup System Rare Owned by Dan Fogelberg #31931

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BRAND: Countryman

MODEL: Electrostatic Piano Pickup System

FUNCTION: Piano pickups

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Countryman Piano Pickup System. This was cutting edge technology back in the day. This comes out of the personal gear collection owned by late singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg.

The following is included with the pickup system:

  • 1 - Countryman Electrostatic Piano Pickup 5-channel mixer
  • 5 - magnetic pickups
  • 32 - various sized attachable "sound plates"
  • 10 - rod mounting clamps
  • 1 - 50" 2-piece 1/2" radius metal mounting rod
  • 4 - 6" long, 1/2" radius metal mounting rod
  • 3 - 3.5" long, 1/2" radius metal mounting rod
  • 2 - 3" long, 1/2" radius metal mounting rod
  • 4 - V-shaped 2.5" long, 4.5" long, 5.5" long, 12" long mounts
  • 1 - 6' 1/4" snake (5 are 1/4" to 1/4" and 1 is 1/4" to Mueller PC-4 clamp)
  • 1 - 40' Mueller PC-4 clamp cable
  • 1 - 2' 1/4" to gator clip
  • extra hex screws

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Fair - All the pieces were stored in a case with old sticky foam. They require a deep, extensive cleaning. Everything is solid and in great shape.

NOTE: It is not clear if there are any missing parts. What you see in the photos is what you get! 

WORKING CONDITION: Good - All hardware works and fits nicely together and provides the options needed for setup in various environments and situations. Overall this unit looks to be in great shape. We do not have access to the high voltage needed to operate during testing so it was not tested beyond this point. 

Not Fully Tested- We evaluated this item to the best of our ability without having all of the related devices or parts on hand to test this item to its fullest operation and found nothing out of the ordinary. It in no way implies that we have any knowledge of any issues with the item that we are trying to avoid.

We are confident the item works as intended and so our standard 100% return guarantee applies should you find anything functionally wrong with the item within 30 days of receipt.  



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