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Calrec J-Series 48 Ch BBC Class A Recording Console PQ15S Mic Pre EQ #41434

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BRAND: Calrec

MODEL: J-Series

FUNCTION: Modular Broadcast/Recording Console

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a very rare 1972 Calrec J-Series 48 Channel Modular Recording Console originally commissioned for and owned by the BBC. As the console moved into use as a music recording console at a full service studio here in California, it was outfitted with GML V7 Automation.

The console is loaded with the coveted and sought after PQ15S Mic preamp/EQ modules which are considered by many to a perfect blend of Neve 1084 fullness and API 550 openness and detail. 100% Class-A discrete point to point electronics hand-built in the UK in the early 1970's.

This is a fully modular console designed so that it can be set-up in a very short time utilizing any of the 6 Individual Channel "Buckets" that are loaded with the 8 channels strips and faders. Each of the buckets connects in series by a single snake cable which leads to the master section which provides power. The clever design allows one to create a console from 8, 16, 24 or more channels as one desires. 


            • 6 - Calrec UN9/28 Eight-Channel Modular buckets 
              (each UN92/28 unit contains the following modules)
                   8 - Channel Preamplifier/EQ Modules PQ15S
                   8 - Routing Amplifier Modules RL23S
                   8 - GML 5912 Fader & Mute Module 

            • 1 - Calrec MX5/1 Five-group Unit 
                   4  - Echo Return Channel Preamplifier Modules PQ14S
                   1 - Group Miscellaneous Module BT88
                   1 - Independent Routing Module XL44
                   1 - Miscellaneous Output Module XL20S
                   1 - Echo Processing Module BN42S
                   1 - Power Supply Module ZN31S

                   10 - PG Group and Misc. Faders
                   2 - GML 9513 Automation Faders

            • 1 - Calrec MX5/1 Five-Group Unit  
                   2 - Echo Return Channel Preamplifier Modules PQ15S
                   1 - Echo Return Channel Preamplifier Module PQ14S
                   8 - GML Automation Faders 9512
                   1 - Calrec CL1121 Noise Gate Module #003

            • 1 - Calrec Monitoring and Output Unit UN1/154  
                   1 - Monitoring Selection Module ML22S
                   1 - Loudspeaker Monitoring Module MT26S
                   1 - Left-hand Peak Program Meter Module UY22L
                   1 - Right-hand Peak Program Meter Module UY22R
                   1 - P.A. and Sel. 3 Monitoring Selection Module LH11
                   1 - Talkback Module TB12
                   1 - Main Fader Module BT26
                   1 - Outputs 1 and 2 Module XL20M
                   1 - Outputs 5 and 6 Module XL22S
                   1 - Tone and Cue Module SY12
                   1 - Power Supply Module ZN31S
                                              Highs - 5k, 7k, 10k, 16k
                                              Mids - 700hz, 1.2k, 2.4k, 3.6k, 6.8k
                                              Lows - 35hz, 60hz, 100hz, 160hz
                                              High Pass Filter - 40hz, 100hz, 220hz
                                              Low Pass Filter- 5k, 7k, 10k


  • Handbook for Stereo O.B. Equipment EP11/3 Calrec Mark-2 Version
  • Calrec Manual & Documentation
  • Calrec Schematics
  • GML V7 Automation Manual version 7.6
  • GML V7 Automation Manual version 7.7.2
  • GML Computer VME Schematics
  • Detailed Notebook of Patch Bay Notes & Information
  • Desktop Wooden L/R Program Master VU Meter
  • GML Servo Automated System Peripheral Power Supply Unit
  • Calrec/GML Power Supply
  • 3 - 2U 96-point TT Bantam Patch Bays
  • 2 - 3U Panels of 7 EDAC 90-pin Connectors
  • 1 - 3U Panel of 6 EDAC 56-pin Connectors
  • 2 - 56-pin EDAC to XLR Echo Snake Cable
  • 1 - 90-Pin EDAC to XLR Male Mic Pre Snake Cable
  • 1 - 90-Pin EDAC to TRS Insert Send Snake Cable
  • 1 - 90-Pin EDAC to TRS Insert Return Snake Cable
  • 1 - 90-Pin EDAC to TRS Line Outputs Snake Cable
  • 8 - Short Armrest (For each individual bucket)
  • 1 - Full-Length Armrest
  • 16 - Plastic Sliding Guides (2 for the bottoms of each unit)


  • 2-  PQ15S Modules (Currently stored but not wired in the console on right side)
  • 1-  PQ14 Module (Currently stored but not wired in the console on the right hand side)
  • 24 - Calrec RL23S Routing Amplifier Modules (Some require repair presumably)
  • 5 - Calrec BL11 Local P.A. Amplifier Modules (parts)
  • 2 - Calrec XL44 Independent Routing Module (parts)
  • 3 - Calrec BN42S Echo Processing Module (parts)
  • 2 - Calrec XL20S Miscellaneous Output Module (parts)
  • 2 - Calrec CR1124 Foldback Routing/Monitor Module (parts)
  • 1 - Calrec BT88 Group Miscellaneous Module (parts)
  • 1 - Calrec ML1128 Monitor Control Room Module (parts)
  • 5 - GML 9512 Automation Fader Modules (not fully tested)
  • 2 - 1U 98-point TT Bantam Patch Bays w/ Snake Breakout Cabling
  • Blue Plastic Container of Calrec screws, small parts, etc.
  • Patch Bay Parts

CONDITION: Very Good- This console is in really good condition and has a magnetic presence that inspires a wide-eyed response the moment you step in front of it. The intimate NASA Space Command vertical design of the preamp and monitor section puts all the controls within immediate reach without having to lean forward. As a console with such a large channel count, it takes up a very economical amount of space and being modular, it can be transported easily in sections into just about any room. 

It was just recently de-commissioned about 3 months ago from a California analog recording studio where it was in service for many years recording local, regional and national artists.  

As one can see in the photos the panels, knobs and faders are in good solid shape and looking great.

At present we are in process of completing a console report and will update the listing with more details soon. The console is available for viewing and testing by appointment at our facility in North Hollywood

UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 122" Wide x 31" Deep x 44" Tall at Meter Bridge

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