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Aircraft Amplification Atomic 20 18W 2x10" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier #37791

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BRAND: Aircraft Amplification

MODEL: Atomic 20

FUNCTION: Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for an Aircraft Amplification Atomic 20 18W 2x10" Combo Tube Guitar Amplifier. 


  • Serial # (None) 
  • Super Rare, only 50 amps made 
  • Finish/Color: White / Black
  • Weight: 42 lbs 
  • Watts: 18w 
  • Ohms: 8 ohms min  
  • Tube Config:
    • 1 x Sovtek 12AX7LP
    • 2 x (Unbranded) 12AX7
    • 2 x Sovtek EL84/6BQ5
  • Speaker Size: 2 x 10"
  • Speaker Type: 2 x Special Design for Aircraft Amps, Built by Eminence, 10" 8 Ohm Speakers 
  • Two Channels: Green - Clean/Low Gain (Gain knob pushed in) and Red - Dirty/High Gain (Gain knob pulled out)
  • Extremely Versatile Range of Tones from Warm Fender-like Clean to LOUD Modded-Marshall High-Gain Distortion (and all tones in between) 

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The amp is in near excellent physical condition and has barely been used. It is clean for the most part, however, there is some ingrained dust and one small hole in the left speaker grill (when facing the front of the amp). Therefore, we consider it to be in very good physical condition. 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - The amp has very few hours on it. It sounds incredible and can get LOUD. It's worth noting, at past 50% Volume or Gain settings, on either channel, there is excessive ground noise, even with the guitar's volume completely off. This is inherent in the design of the amp and not a sign of defective working condition. Apparently this is an issue with other Aircraft amps. This only happens when set loud, near higher Vol/Gain settings, so it does not take away from the versatility or the great sound produced at other levels. 



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