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12 pc Recording Studio Gobo Baffles Acoustic Panels on Casters #44386

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - These are in excellent working condition. The casters can be a bit tricky to maneuver for the plexiglass units as they are so heavy but otherwise the dollies provide a welcome portability and usefulness.

These would be a fantastic addition to any (Large) studio looking for sound flexibility as these are essentially movable walls. The taller gobos without plexiglass are heavily insulated on one side and less-so on the reverse with a hard surface covered in fabric, giving the user loads of flexibility and varying amounts of absorption to play around with. They're in excellent working condition.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - Each gobo has its fair share of minor scuffs and small dings. A few of the fabric panels have some light stains, and there are some scratches on a couple of the gobos as well. Overall, though, the gobos are extremely sturdy and rigid and would escalate the appearance and vibe of any pro studio.  

Note that some of the gobos in the photos appear to be inconsistent in "whiteness". This is an anomaly with our fluorescent lighting in the room and not so much with the gobos. They are consistent in tone in person. 


BRAND: Custom Made here in Los Angeles

FUNCTION: Recording Studio Gobos

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a massive set of professional-grade recording studio gobos. Custom made by a father and son duo here in Los Angeles. Framed in MDF, stuffed with insulation, and mounted on steel dollies. These gobos are very heavy and robust, designed to last a lifetime. 

These were installed new at a private recording studio here in LA and was designed to emulate the look and style of Abbey Road Studio Two. Since removing them and having them in our possession to sell we've managed to scuff them up a little and add some smudges here and there but they are otherwise clean and in good solid shape. 

  • 4x 98" x 51" x 10" plexiglass gobos (Slanted plexiglass, on casters, each weigh around 250lbs)
  • 4x 86" x 50" x 6" plain gobos (On casters, all four have a hard side and a porous absorptive side)
  • 4x 50" x 50" x 10" shorty gobos (not on casters)


  • Finish / Color: White

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - Some minor scuffs and a few small dings but all sides are in great shape, look nice and clean, and are in excellent condition overall.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Great acoustic absorption! Easily movable with super smooth and quiet casters. Overall working condition is excellent.

Please see our other listings for "Sound Absorption Panels" that were built to match these gobos.

SHIPPING: These are too large to ship freight. Local Pickup is welcome. There might be a private shipper that can be found on a site like Uship. We'll be glad to assist with this as best we can but know that it will likely be pricey due to the size and weight of these gobos in total 

Please message us with your postal code and we'll get back to you with the best pricing and delivery options that are currently available. If there is a price listed above for shipping, it is an estimate only and the actual shipping may vary depending on your location. It may also require the buyer to pick up the item at a shipping terminal nearest your address, depending on service options and your location in relation to Los Angeles.

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