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3M M79 24 Track Analog Tape Machine w/ Remote from Capitol Records Studio #36735

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FUNCTION: Multi-Track Tape Machine

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 3M M79 24-Track Analog Tape Machine. 

This instrument was pulled directly from Capitol Recording Studios decades ago and has been in storage since.  

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes a 3M Selectake II Remote and cable and custom Stephens Electronics splicing block that says "Capitol Records" engraved on it.  

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - A few nicks and dings can be found on the metal paneling and some scuff marks from tape reels can be found as well. The rubber on the capstan, the reversing idler, and both incoming and outgoing capstan idlers have deteriorated and will need to be replaced. Some of the number paper inserts in the push-buttons has fallen loose inside the buttons housing, but all the buttons and covers are present and intact.

What appears to be a custom metal pole has been installed just in front of the reversing idler to protect it from being bumped. The splicing block has the engraving 'Capitol Records'. There is also an EQ mod with an installed switch and 'EQ SWITCH' written in orange just above it. Overall condition is very good. 

WORKING CONDITION: Poor - Being that this machine has been in storage for decades, we used a variac to do a very slow power up cycle on the machine. After getting past a certain voltage there was an audible buzzing and erratic movement on all of the VU meters. At this point we ceased any power to the machine and decided not do any further troubleshooting. 

Both the incoming and outgoing capstan idlers as well as the reversing idler need to be replaced as the rubber has deteriorated on each. Capstan has the same issue, needs to be replaced as well. All the components are intact and general appearance is very nice.  Some dedicated servicing and this thing should be back into tip top shape and worthy of being back in full operation!  



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