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2 Yamaha WXY-10U WXY-10 Diversity Wireless Systems Owned By Lee Sklar #38812

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BRAND: Yamaha


FUNCTION: Diversity Wireless Systems for Guitar/Bass

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for 2 Yamaha WXY-10U and WXY-10 Diversity Wireless Systems Owned By Lee Sklar


  • WXY-10UT Transmitter Serial #640423
  • WXY-10UR Receiver Serial #8640423
  • Frequencies - 
    • F1: 169.505 MHz
    • F2: 170.305 MHz


  • WXY-10T Transmitter Serial #2X2453
  • WXY-10R Receiver Serial #2X2453
  • Frequencies - 
    • F1: 239.60 MHz
    • F2: 240.60 MHz

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Both Transmitters include belt pack cases. Otherwise, these items come as seen in photos, and do not include any accessories.


  • 1 x Custom Single Outlet Fused Surge Protector

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - All units are structurally sound but show various signs of age and use. Both transmitters are missing their battery doors and have tape to hold the batteries in place. The tape is old and has become a little gummy. All items have minor surface scuffs and scratches throughout. Overall, they are in good physical condition. 

WORKING CONDITION: Good - The power lights on both transmitters only light up for a split-second when the units are first turned on. After that, the lights remain off. Both systems are able to pass sound, however, each system had moments where no sound came through and the status lights on the receivers were intermittent. After repeatedly turning the transmitters on & off and changing between frequency 1 & 2 on the receivers several times, the systems would again work as they should with no issues. Otherwise, the units are in good working condition. 


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 16.5" x 6.5" x 8.5"

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