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MIDI Keyboard Synth Studio Stage Box Patchbay w/ Mogami 1/4 XLR Cables #34347

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BRAND: Unknown 


FUNCTION: Custom Rack I/O Panel

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a very nicely custom built Studio Stage Box Patchbay system that features mostly 1/4" TS configurations for keyboard instruments. See pictures and delight in its greatness!

Imagine having this box sit behind your wall of synths, keyboards and drum machines, where they all can plug in, including MIDI, and from there just two multi-channel snake cables run to your rack mounted patch panels at your desk or rack. 

This system includes:

  • Panel 1 (All Female Jacks)
    • 24 XLR
    • 8 TRS Combo Jacks
    • 2 Rack Spaces
    • Harness on the back is wired to:
      • 5 XLR Males
      • 4 XLR Females
      • 12 TS 1/4" Cables
  • Panel 2 
    • XLR Female 
    • EDAC 90 pin Female Connector
    • Cannon DL2-96R 96 Pin Female Connector
      • Wired to 16 MIDI Male Connectors 
    • Marinco Power Inlet Male Connector 
  • Breakout Box
    • 1 XLR Male Jack 
    • 33 Female 1/4" TS Jacks 
    • 14 MIDI Female Jacks
    • Cannon DL2-96R 96 Pin Female Connector
    • Marinco Power Inlet Male Connector 
  • Mogami 2938 Snake #1
    • 60'
    • EDAC 90 pin Male Connector
  • Mogami 2938 Snake #2
    • 55'
    • Cannon DL2-96R 96 Pin Male Connector

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The panels and the jacks mounted on them are structurally intact and in very good shape. All solder connections appear to be solid. The break out box has some light scratches but all the jacks are in great condition. The Mogami snakes are in excellent condition they just have some light wear and dirt embedded on their jackets. The connectors on the snakes are in great shape. 

Overall, this custom wiring system is in very good shape.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - All jacks and all connectors are fully intact and work great. The ELCO/EDAC connectors and housing screws are all working perfectly as well. Cable-snakes are also in terrific shape. Overall working condition is excellent.

Cables: 38 lbs.
Panels: 10 lbs.
Breakout Box: 22 lbs.

Cables: 21 x 21 x 10
Panels: 22" x 10" x 7"
Breakout Box: 55" x 5" x 4"

SHIPPING: This item ships in multiple boxes. The price in this listing is only an estimate and may be more or less than the actual cost depending on your location. Please email us with your postal code and we will get an exact quote for you.

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