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1977 Quad Eight A&M Studios 32-Channel Mixing Console Desk w/ API Knobs #46673

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WORKING CONDITION: Untested- This console was removed from service 1 year ago. It was being used in a professional home-based recording studio in Glendale, California and it was actively being used for recording and mixing days before we received it. Because of an urgent life situation that required the owner to move out of state quickly, he hastily cut all the i/o connectors to the console and they were not labeled. The master section has quite a few custom features like multiple transport controls for tape machines and remote control for EMT plate reverb and other insert EQ and dynamic devices, including switches to control the doors in the studio! 

With that, there is a confusing mess of cabling spilling out of the back and side of the console that will require lots of time to sort out. It is for that reason that we have not tested this console and listing it "as-is".  We did witness the console in action and can confirm that it was working, to what extent it has bugs or issues or inconsistencies we do not know. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - Each fader, knob, and push-button switch are clean and intact. The frame and chassis of the console are rigid and in good solid shape. The wood print veneer on the sides of the console has lost its adhesive and fell off while moving but can be glued back on. The console overall shows its age with considerable light wear from use and time but it remains intact throughout. The padded bolster in the front of the desk was removed but cutting the screws that held it on, so will need to be re-attached. I believe it was removed to fit it through a doorway when it was decommissioned. There is one single push button cap missing from the master section and it appears to be the type that is easy to replace. 

Much of the internal cables around the patch bay are exposed and there's some tape on notes leftover from years in the studio. Otherwise, this custom yet iconic console is still intact and ready for its next big project after some technical TLC. Overall, the physical condition is good.


BRAND: Quad Eight A&M Studios

MODEL: Custom 

FUNCTION: 32-Channel Studio Mixing Console 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1976 Quad Eight A&M Studios 32-Channel Mixing Console Desk w/ API Knobs. 


The engineers at A&M Studios Hollywood really liked the Quad Eight consoles so they modeled this after it. Karl Bischof and Beno May laid out the design, farmed out some of the machining and Ken Dean did the drafts and some machine work. Electronics were done by Carl Bischof. Circuit boards and soldering Beno May. EQ modules and line amps directly from Quad Eight. 
Designed it and built it at A&M Records in 1978 and it was in use in one of their three mix rooms from 1979 to 1985. They would occasionally do overdubs on the console and would bring in a rack of preamps for that. Jimmy Iovine bought A&M in 1985 and the console was donated to USC. From there it was later purchased by the current owner. 


  • Channels: 32 (Line Only No Preamps)
  • Mic Preamps: 8 (Master Section)
  • Quad Eight 4021 EQ Modules
  • 4 Buss
  • 4 Stereo Echo Send
  • 4 Stereo Delay Send
  • API Knobs
  • 2 B&B Audio EQ-F EQ Modules
  • API 575 Oscillator
  • Dimensions: L 96.25" x H 40" x W 41"


  • The entirety of the blueprints and schematics
  • Power Supplies
  • Extender Card Test Jig
  • 2 Aphex CX-1 Compressor Modules
  • Small Box of Spare Parts



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