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1965 Fender Twin Reverb Tube Guitar Amplifier Head w/ Master Volume Mod #53691

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WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Works great. All of the controls and parameters across the amp are working properly. We just had the amp serviced by Bob Dixon at Amphole

"Tested tubes, caps, replaced unsafe filter cap assy [previous tech work], bad "Bright" switch, replaced noisy preamp tubes, installed correct fuse, resoldered numerous intermittent joints, removed AC fan wiring mod per client discussion, repositioned reverb tank assy correctly [less noise], cleaned and re-tensioned loose tube sockets, pins, pots, jacks, chassis, tightened hardware, rebiased [it was running way too hot]."

This amp sounds incredibly rich and warm, and the master volume allows much gain from the amp at lower volumes. The vibrato and reverb effects sound amazing as well. In all, everything is fully functional and in excellent working condition. 

Good - This specific Twin-Reverb has been removed from its combo amp chassis and made into an amp head. A modded master volume knob can be seen over the main logo. There's a sizable hole on the side of the amp where an internal fan was originally placed into the head. A back door panel has been added to the back of the amp as well to easily access and put away the footswitch. 

Some notable scuffs, abrasions, and oxidation can be seen around the amp chassis and control panel. However, everything is solidly built and intact. Overall, the physical condition is very good and solid. 


BRAND: Fender 

MODEL: Twin Reverb 

FUNCTION: Guitar Amp Head 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1965 Fender Twin Reverb which has been housed in a head cabinet and modded with a master volume. 


  • Serial #A03949
  • Finish/Color: Black Tolex
  • Power transformer dated 1965
  • Output transformer appears to be not original to 1965 but rather 1967
  • Choke dated to 1965
  • Weight: 45.80 lbs 
  • Watts: 85
  • Ohms: 4, 8 
  • Tube Config: 4x USA 6L6GC, Sylvania 12AT7, Sylvania 12AX7, Phillips 12AX7A, Phillips 12AT7, 2x JJ ECC83S,
  • Effects: Vibrato (Speed/Intensity), Reverb, Bright, Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Mods: Master Volume Knob on front
  • Other: Back Door Panel, Hole Drilled for Fan Installment, fan and related wiring was removed as it was not necessary. 


  • Footswitch Pedal  


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 26.25" x 11" x 10.5"

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