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1965 Fender Bassman-Amp AA165 Tube Bass Amplifier Head #50012

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WORKING CONDITION: Very good - This amp is in very good working condition. There is a wide range of clean tones before the amp starts breaking up. Volume all the way up provides a pretty crunchy overdriven sound. Some of the knobs are a little scratchy when turned but clean up after use. Overall working condition is very good.

 Very Good - There are some minor tears in the tolex around the chassis of the amp. Parts of the metal chassis and major components are heavily oxidized. There are a few marks on the grill cloth as well. Otherwise, everything is solidly built and intact. Overall, the physical condition is very good. 


BRAND: Fender 

MODEL: Bassman-Amp AA165

FUNCTION: Tube Bass Amplifier 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1965 Fender Bassman-Amp AA165 Tube Bass Amplifier Head loaded full of vintage preamp tubes! 


  • Serial #A 08631
  • Finish/Color: Black 
  • Weight: 30.55 lbs 
  • Watts: 175
  • Ohms: 8  
  • Tube Config: 2x Tung-Sol 6L6GC, RCA 12AT7, 2x RCA 7025
  • Effects: Deep, Bright, Volume, Treble, Bass 
  • 1/4" TS Speaker Cable 


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 22" x 8.75" x 9.5"

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