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1963 Fender Showman Amp Guitar Tube Valve Amplifier & Cabinet Celestion #37742

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BRAND: Fender

MODEL: Showman AA763

FUNCTION: Tube Amplifier & Cabinet

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1965 Fender Showman AA763 Tube Amplifier with 1x15" Cabinet


  • Serial #01364
  • Finish/Color: Tolex/Black
  • Weight: 78lbs 
  • Watts: 85" 
  • Ohms: 8" 
  • Tube Config: (2) 12AX7, (2) 7025, (4) 6L6 
  • Speaker Size: 12"
  • Speaker Type: 15" Celestion BL 15-400X
  • Effects: Vibrato
The chassis, # A01364, is from 1963, (1964 started around # A01400).

The rear panel says, "“Fender Electric Instruments”, which changed to “Fender Musical Instruments” when CBS took over in 1965.

Two of the transformers are from 1964,Codes: 606 434 (34th week of 1964) and 606 449 (49th week of 1964)    

Strangely, the power transformer, the large black one, has a code of 606 934, meaning it’s from the 34th week of 1969. Assuming that’s not a misprint, it is an original schumacher transformer, from A fender amp, but not THIS fender amp. It could have been replaced at any time between 1969 and when we got the amp.  

The tube chart says OC, which is March of 1965 and there is a stamp on the underside of the chassis that looks like two letters, then a few numbers and it ends with “65"

So, the (original) parts on this amp span from late 1963 through early 1965. So, to be the most accurate, it is actually a very early 1965.  

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, includes a Monster speaker cable and does not include any additionalaccessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - Has seen a lot of use but all controls and I/O jacks are in great shape. Front silver-sparkle grille cloth is in fine shape as well but it may not be original as it pretty unusually clean compared to the rest of the age of the head. The metal chassis and corners are oxidized. Both the head and cab have carry handles fully intact, but the head does not have the slide out brackets to attached to the cabinet. Some nicks and dings in the tolex and some dings on the control knobs but overall condition is good and solid. 

The speaker cabinet is in good solid shape throughout. The back panel and speaker terminal do not appear to be original. It also has been loaded with a Celestion BL-15-400X and there is a plastic circular port next to the speaker which also does not appear to be original.  Please see photos for details. 

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Plays great. Works great. Loud and clean as anything. All inputs and all control knobs are in perfect working order. Cab works perfectly as well. Overall working condition is excellent.

UNPACKAGED WEIGHT: 77.85 lbs. total


  • Head: 24" x 9½" x 8", 33.20 lbs.
  • Cabinet: 33 x 21 x 12, 44.35 lbs.

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